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Langkawi Skytrex Adventure

Located in Langkawi Perdana Quay, there are a variety of activities, which started from age 12 years old. Even elderly people also encourage joining the activity as long as brave and not afraid of dizziness.

What is Skytrex Adventure?
Skytrex Adventure is indeed famous activity in Langkawi. Skytrex adventure is the first outdoor activities in Malaysia which involves the movement of tree to tree ‘sky-trekking’ where you can fly, swing, glide and dangle on the various aerial obstacles suspended above the lush tropical Malaysian Rainforest. experience  from this activity such as unique and different which presents a challenge to the participants and test the courage, determination and confidence to cross the bridge, suspension bridges, pipes, cables stretched as far as 0.7km in the woods.

Opening Hours – Daily Departure

First Departure


Second Departure


Third Departure


Fourth Departure


Last Departure


** Please select only the time slots that have sufficient number for your group. The number in the bracket shows available space from the maximum 15 pax allocated for each time slots.



Little Legend

Eagle Thrill

Island Extreme

Online Prices

RM 60.00

RM 70.00

RM 80.00

Walk-In Prices






Highest Platform

23 m

30 m

30 m


2 hr

2.5 hr – 3 hr

2.5 hr – 3 hr

Min. Height

1.1 m

1.5 m

1.5 m

Max. Weight

100 kg

100 kg

100 kg

There are three types of interesting Skytrex activity to explore:

  • First is Little legend adventure (beginner level) - designed 23 of challenges for all types ages which including children.

These activities are especially for kids. Adults and teenager also can join. There are designed 23 challenges in the height of 3 to 5 meters by provides fun activities in all types of levels. The activities are arranged the surrounding area of tree with a variety of challenges which definitely exciting

  • Second is Eagle thrill- the thrill eagle known as intermediate level and there are designed 29 of challenges.

The circuit has 29 challenges to test the courage of those who love challenges in the height of 11 meters while enjoying the views of forest is truly attractive. This activity really rugged and challenging where included 8 'flying fox', 5 horizontal challenges, 5 challenges of climbing and  5 descending challenges which promises to be lasting pleasure.

  • Last is Island extreme- This activity for those who are love the adventure in advance level. Which is designed more 30 of challenges and it is really tested the stamina and patience of someone.

This is the largest circuit with 33 challenges a height of up to 15 meters in the air. Each participant will definitely be excited by testing their level of strength. The advanced level of extreme promising maximum satisfaction with 15 'flying fox', 5 horizontal challenges, 3 challenges of climbing and  3 descending challenges which each participant will go home with a feeling of confidence and win.
It is safe as long as you follow instructions given during training. The trees, cables, harnesses and platforms are always checked and replaced or repaired.
There are always instructors at several platforms on each circuit. There will also be instructors’ patrolling on ground to observe participants.
Rules and Regulation

  • Arrive minimum 30 minutes before your slot because it will be crowded. Bring your indemnity form to speed up registration at Skytrex. Please be early or you may lose your slot
      • Meet at Skytrex main counter to complete and submit Indemnity forms. A guide will give    you   further instructions.
      • Walk over to Equipment Counter to receive & wear your numbered harness
      • Proceed to training
      • Join queue to the relevant Skytrex course!!
      • upon completion of the course, please return the harness at the Equipment Counter
  • Please ensure you have had breakfast or proper meal and do not come empty stomach.
  • Each time slot or session listed below has a maximum of 15 participants. Larger groups will have to be divided. Each group will have to wait for their selected session.
  • Activities continue in light rain. Participants will find nearest exit on the circuit if it rains heavier or there is lightning.
  • No refunds for bad weather, war, late, illness etc. Basically no refunds.
  • Skytrex Langkawi is very popular. Skytrex slots can be filled several weekends ahead. If you do not book in advance and decide to just walk-in, you run the risk of long delays or being turned away. Full payment is required for pre-booking. Secure yourself place on any of these thrilling jungle canopy adventures by making a booking today!
  • Comfortable casual or sportive attire. Sandals or slip-off shoes are not allowed. Shoes with ankle support are recommended. Those with long hair to tie their hair up. Any loose clothing, dangling items, jeweler, straps and all headgear (such as turbans, headscarves, caps, etc.) must be properly secured. Electronic items such as Go Pros and cameras are allowed as long as such items are secured and are not a hindrance while undertaking the challenges.. Skytrex circuits require gloves to be worn to prevent hand injury. Gloves are available at the counter at RM5 a pair.
  • Limited lockers available for storage. There is a refundable deposit.

Cancellation Policy is as follows:

  • Less than one (1) week before activity day, NO refund and NO reschedule.
  • Less than three (3) weeks but more than one (1) week before activity day, NO refund but we can reschedule but subject to availability and can only be done once.
  • More than three (3) weeks before activity day, 100% refund or we can reschedule but subject to availability and can be done only once.
  • For the Beginners level, any child under 8 years (although meeting the height requirement) must be accompanied by an adult. For this level, a maximum of two children is allowed per adult. As for the Intermediate and Advance levels, a child below the age of 13 (although meeting the height requirement) must be accompanied by an adult to go on the circuit. For this challenge, a maximum of one child is allowed per adult only.

 Terms & Conditions

  1. Full cancellation charge will be imposed if the guest failing to notify us flight changing, delay or no show.
  2. 100% cancellation fee will be imposed if booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before trip departure or if you miss the PICK-UP or NO SHOW. 

Facilities Available

  • Can purchase cold drinks at the Skytrex counter
  •  Toilet
  • Surau
  • Cafeteria
  • Parking


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